Friday, September 6, 2013


Emblem3, Emblem Three or E3 is a three-member boyband made up of Drew Michael Chadwick, (born October 1, 1992 (age 20, vocals, lead guitar), Wesley Trent Stromberg, (born December 6, 1993 (age 19, vocals, rhythm guitar), and his younger brother Keaton Robert Stromberg, (born July 16, 1996 (age 16, vocals, bass guitar). They live in Huntington Beach, California. The three auditioned in San Francisco, singing an original song called "Sunset Boulevard" written by Drew Chadwick. During bootcamp, they sang "Iris" from the Goo Goo Dolls and at judges' houses, they performed "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" by The Police and were chosen by Cowell as Final 4 in "Groups" category for the live shows. They performed "One Day" by Matisyahu during their first live show on October 31, 2012. In addition they were selected as the first group to enter the top twelve by Simon Cowell.
Enjoy this pictures of EMBLEM 3 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

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Emblem3_superficial_guys_01 Emblem3_superficial_guys_02 Emblem3_superficial_guys_03 Emblem3_superficial_guys_04 Emblem3_superficial_guys_05 Emblem3_superficial_guys_06 Emblem3_superficial_guys_07 Emblem3_superficial_guys_08 Emblem3_superficial_guys_09 Emblem3_superficial_guys_10 Emblem3_superficial_guys_11 Emblem3_superficial_guys_12 Emblem3_superficial_guys_14 Emblem3_superficial_guys_15 Emblem3_superficial_guys_16 Emblem3_superficial_guys_17 Emblem3_superficial_guys_19 Emblem3_superficial_guys_20 Emblem3_superficial_guys_21 Emblem3_superficial_guys_22 Emblem3_superficial_guys_23 Emblem3_superficial_guys_24 Emblem3_superficial_guys_25 Emblem3_superficial_guys_26 Emblem3_superficial_guys_27 Emblem3_superficial_guys_28 Emblem3_superficial_guys_29 Emblem3_superficial_guys_30 Emblem3_superficial_guys_31 Emblem3_superficial_guys_32 Emblem3_superficial_guys_33 Emblem3_superficial_guys_34 Emblem3_superficial_guys_35 Emblem3_superficial_guys_36 Emblem3_superficial_guys_37 Emblem3_superficial_guys_38 Emblem3_superficial_guys_39 Emblem3_superficial_guys_40 Emblem3_superficial_guys_41 Emblem3_superficial_guys_42 Emblem3_superficial_guys_43 Emblem3_superficial_guys_44 Emblem3_superficial_guys_45 Emblem3_superficial_guys_46 Emblem3_superficial_guys_47 Emblem3_superficial_guys_48 Emblem3_superficial_guys_49 Emblem3_superficial_guys_50 Emblem3_superficial_guys_51 Emblem3_superficial_guys_52 Emblem3_superficial_guys_53 Emblem3_superficial_guys_54 Emblem3_superficial_guys_183

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